Worldprofit – Is Worldprofit a Scam?

This post looks at Worldprofit and asks is Worldprofit a Scam

First of all lets look at what Worldprofit is.Its a Canadian Based Online Affiliate Marketing company, founded by George Kosch, together with President Sandi Hunter

In online marketing terms, it has been around for what is now its 24th year and that puts it into the category of total veteran

Thats pretty ironic, given that George Kosch is a retired airline pilot, who together with Sandi Hunter, runs a very transparent and honest company

What does it Do

Worldprofit focuses on providing affiliate marketers, with a turnkey marketing system

It also provides a hosting platform for business owners wanting to host websites

But lets first look at the turnkey marketing system

This comes in the form of three types of membership

First is the free associate membership

Good, but incredibly restrictive and you don’t see the system in its glory

Until you have upgraded to the

Silver Membership

Silver Membership, which costs $99.90 per month

There is also a yearly cost of $497 for the year.

The obvious way to go is pay for the year because you save 60%

Included within this is an Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

The bootcamp teaches you how to market online using safelists and traffic exchanges

Now there is nothing wrong with this type of promotion

Safelists and Traffic Exchanges have been around since long before social media

The Affiliate Bootcamp teaches you how best to use them

But its important to note that using them, can lead to you clicking for hours

This is because you need to accumulate credits to buy traffic

The alternative to this is to upgrade to one of the exchanges higher levels

Doing this means that you don’t have to click so many ads

The exchanges inside Worldprofit are all tried and tested to work and produce leads

With The Silver membership you earn commissions on your referrals upgrades

The commission at Silver membership is 20% on Silver Upgrades

As an example A monthly upgrade would earn you $19.80

You would need 5 other people paying monthly subscriptions to earn $99.90

That equates to a looottt of promotion of your landing pages

A Yearly upgrade would earn you $39.80.

Like the monthly upgrades you would need 5 people paying yearly to earn back your Yearly subscription

In both cases 5 people doesn’t sound a lot

You can probably find them from within the network of people you have

The affiliate bootcamp also shows you where to find them from.

Either way, it requires a lot of hard work and effort to achieve this

if you currently have a full time job and are working this as a side hustle

Then you might become burnt out very quickly.

Platinum Membership

This is the seconds type if membership and costs $997 for the year

You can choose to pay monthly, which is $199.90

However, be advised that to recover the costs of these memberships

You will need to recruit 5 people to get costs back

It should be noted at this point that Worldprofit is not an MLM

So there is no emphasis to recruit

But if you are looking to recover your costs

Then recruitment is the only way to do this


Worldprofit operates a turnkey system, which means that once you have prospects

The follow up emails are designed to persuade them to upgrade to Silver

But as you might imagine with anything online

The prospects you attract, are and can be easily sidetracked by Shiny Object Syndrome

So as fast as you sign people up, for one reason or another they stop


Worldprofit has volunteer monitors who are on duty 24/7/365

They work in the Live Business Centre and will answer any questions you have

This is designed to show you that real people actually are Worldprofit dealers


Worldprofit pays out Commissions on the 15th of month

They are paid by a variety of methods. the most important two being



There is a $50 Minimum Threshold payment to reach before you get paid

So its important to know that you will need to be encouraging upgrades

Where the $50 minimum threshold is not met. Commissions are carried over

From experience of using this system, you can be looking at 3 months

Before you actually get any commissions


Worldprofit also has a lot of other moneymakers in both the Silver and Platinum membership

You can send these out to those shown in your prospect list

You get 100% Commissions from selected products

So is Worldprofit a Scam

The answer to this is its not scam

However to earn any real decent significant money

You are going to have to work, very hard and potentially very long hours

Which is okay if that is what you want to do

But I would think very carefully before parting with any of your hard earned cash

This is my TOP Recommendation for All Affiliate Marketers

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