Worldprofit Reviewed

Worldprofit, is without question or doubt, one of the 2 most trustworthy, established online marketing training systems available online, this review, will give you an overview of the company.

Established in 1994 and owned by George Kosch and Sandi Hunter, who are the CEO and President respectively, Worldprofit offers a step by step training for all those who are looking to earn money online, working from home

It is both an affiliate only venture, you can find out what this means on  This Page

and a type of franchise, which is explained further down

The affiliate only venture, is free to join and when you do so you become an associate, with limited accessibility to the marketing & traffic generation system

However, it also offers the opportunity, for affiliates to become either Silver or Platinum Dealers on either a monthly, or prepaid memberships, so you effectively run your own membership site and turnkey marketing system

Whether you have been marketing online for 5 minutes… or for years, there is one thing that stands out to you and that is…

The amount of pure junk opportunities that are legit, trustworthy. proven to earn money and have stood the test of time. If you have read About Me you will know all about my #1 Recommendation for a business. What you may not know about is the only other venture I consider worthy enough to put my name to

That venture is Worldprofit .  WorldProfit is my #2 recommendation for a number of reasons, which are explained below

Now usually in the online world, you will hear MLMers talk about their primary business and they do this when they are associated with more than one MLM venture, but their primary business pays more commissions : )

However, lets turn that ‘primary business‘ on its head a moment and think about this for a moment. Absolutely every business in the world, comprises of Two different parts. They are

The traffic business, or otherwise known as the ‘marketing department’

The business that the marketing department, drives customers to, be it garage doors, a lawn mower business, amazon, or my #1 Recommendation

Because with out various different type of traffic, because no one traffic source is the end all solution, no business would survive

So WorldProfit, is my #2 Recommendation, because it compliment my #1 Recommendation perfectly by driving none SEO traffic to the websites

Social Media is all well and good, but it relies on content, which is great to attract people, through the likes of Google & YouTube…


Did you know, that the traffic solutions that WorldProfit has, have been around for waaayyy longer than social media has and your list builds far quicker through these methods than its does through social media.

Social Media is very passive

Another very major benefit of being a member of WorldProfit is this

The system is Turnkey. That means, that all you have to do is follow their Internet Marketing lesson #3, using their high converting capture pages and you get leads drop into the system

Once those leads are there, the automated follow up messages from Worldprofit, combined with voluntary monitors on duty, ensure that you can get sales while your asleep. This has happened to me on a number of occassions and if you have happen to be a review writer or blogger, as I am then…

You can focus on writing good quality content, knowing that traffic and further support is automatically happening for you 24/7/365

One of the major benefits to being a member of Worldprofit, is this

They have a service called

=======>>>>>>> SEOOptimizerPro <<<<<<<=======

Which blasts your blog to over 5,500 High ranking websites

So when all is said and done, its is a fact that you would be hard pressed to find a better turnkey system than this

As mentioned above, as well as the free associate programme, there are also

Two additional ventures which you can affiliate with within Worldprofit

First there is the Silver Membership programme

This gives you unlimited access to some of the best premium traffic solutions

Containing a host of superb benefits, one of the best being it is Turnkey

Turnkey, in case you are not aware, is when the business works automatically

As a silver member it is working for you 24/7/365 .

Its a bit like having an autoresponder, the difference being that with an autoresponder

You physically have to write the messages, which go out

With the Silver membership as with both the free and platinum memberships

There are Monitors on Duty, who will help you with any questions you have

These monitors close sales for you

To use my own example as an illustration

Many is the time I have woken up to emails in my inbox saying

“Congratulations you just sold a Silver Membership to XXXX and earned a $39.98 Commission”


“Congratulations you just sold a traffic package to X and earned Y commission”

With its step by step Internet Marketing Programme, which you just have to follow

There is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t be doing the same as some of the

Top earners online, all of who are featured on the leaderboard


Worldprofit is owned by George Kosch, with Sandi Hunter as its President

Unlike a lot of companies online these days with CEOs

Both these people are available for 1~2~1 Support and training

George Kosch provides a comprehensive 1 hour training every Friday and has done for 27 years

If you want to learn how to market like the Gurus and build your own list, then

Worldprofit is very definitely the place to be and go

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