WP Engine For WordPress – Is It Worth The Money

This post looks at WP Engine for WordPress and asks is it worth the money

WP Engine has been around since 2013

Based in London, it claims to be the best WordPress Solution for your business

Unlike a lot of other hosts in the WordPress Managed hosting space

WP Engine  is a WordPress-specific web host, offering managed plans that are fully optimised for the platform

It is the managed plans that are the focus of this post.

Managed plans are the most popular choice of WordPress hosting


WP Engine costs around $115 Per Month

For this price you get 10 websites

In the current climate and compared to similar hosts

10 Websites is above average

Hosting Speed

When it comes to hosting one of the crucial things you need to look for is Hosting Speed

For some reason best known to themselves WP Engine Don’t disclose this

Yet they claim they can give you 30GB of Web space

They also claim they can handle 400 Thousand Monthly Vistitors to your website

But without the hosting speed being known, the above figures can’t be verified

SSL Certificates

In WordPress Hosting terms, SSL certificates are good. WP engine give you one for free

A lot of other hosts charge you for this, when there really is no need to

Other Included Benefits

So lets look at what other benefits you get for your $115 Per Month

You get a staging enviroment, which is pretty much standard

Daily website back ups and access to Server Admins, which again is pretty standard

You also get Bot Net Security as well, which is critical for your website

Cons of Using WP Engine

Given what you do get from WP Engine.

Lets look at what you don’t get

Given that you are hosting your website with them

A domain specific email address would be good. Its Professional looking

WP Engine don’t give you this

Neither do they let you know how your site health is doing

Again given the fact that Ddos can happen. its nice to kow if your site is okay

They don’t have a community to help you either if you have a problem

Yes they have site support, but you are having to wait for this to solve your problem

Website Feedback is another minus.

With WordPress its always nice to get Feedback on your website

They also don’t provide you with one on one mentorship

Now admittedly WordPress can be a total minefield

So its nice to get Feedback on if your site is looking good or not

There is never a perfect WordPress look. more an easy on the eye look


While the above seems to be a little hard, there is a solution

A much better alternative, as you will see below

When it comes to absolute value for money all the way round

The recommendation above is very hard to beat

But don’t take my word for it, why not take the 7 Day Free Trial

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